Do You Hate Your Show?

Do You Hate Your Show? by Joseph Franks Jesus was the friend of sinners. When he was approached by men and women who considered themselves spiritually destitute, guilty, condemned, and without hope, he was incredibly gracious. Kind actions and tender words of affection flowed forth from his lips towards such totally deprave folk.. However, Jesus was not a […]

How Good Do You Look?

How Good Do You Look? By Michael L. Upshur Jr. As we examine ourselves daily, we have to look at who we are and how we appear to GOD. Are we spiritually and physically attractive to HIM?  Do we please HIM? Often times the world places MUCH emphasis on physical attraction and we cater to this […]

Heart of Humility or Pride

The temperature of our hearts will determine how we feel in our spirit. Dora Perry @seedplanter11 reminds us that we need to take a deeper look into our hearts and what better way than to evaluate ourselves is by doing our own heart check. We must remind ourselves that there is no progression with a […]