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  • Unpleasant Grace


    [Translate] Unpleasant Grace By Sam Williamson One evening years ago, I babysat my three sons, which meant I read a book upstairs as they wrestled each other downstairs. A shriek rang out and I raced down to find David, my five-year-old son, holding his head as blood gushed through his fingers. One of his brothers […]

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  • When You’re Desperate


    [Translate] When You’re Desperate By Lynn Cowell I’m what some might call a “half-full” type of gal. Looking on the positive side comes natural for me. Sometimes in life though, there is no bright side to look on. This is exactly the place where the Israelites are at. In Exodus 6:3, God is speaking to […]

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  • I’m Sorry


    [Translate] I’m Sorry By Lucille Brown Hurt. I have seen people hurt one another a LOT over the years. I have seen hurt, be it intentional or accidental, divide families… churches… businesses… nations. I have seen how the division caused by a misplaced word or an outright attack, has seemingly won. The ‘enemy’ must be […]