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  • BEGINNINGS – Congo Initiative


    [Translate] BEGINNINGS – Congo Initiative by Congo Iniatiative Africa’s deeply troubled and broken heart, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is today beginning to emerge from 8 years of brutal civil war (often described as Africa’s first World War), four decades of misrule, and the total collapse of its economy and civil society. The second […]

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  • ABOUT / Finish Line Ministries


    [Translate] ABOUT / Finish Line Ministries By Finish Line Ministries International Finish Line Ministries International is a missions agency that exists for the purpose of Training Pastors, Equipping The Church, Providing For Orphans, and Reaching The Lost in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.  By design, we work exclusively with nationals to fulfill our mission and make […]

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  • Come To The Party


    [Translate] Come To The Party Everyone loves a party, but rarely does anyone get to go to this kind of party. It’s a party thrown in your honor when you were anything but deserving of a party. In fact you had caused the party giver much pain. However instead of condemning; the party giver invites […]

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  • When God “Rightly” Hurts Us


    [Translate] When God “Rightly” Hurts Us by Joseph Franks The Scripture is full of times when God watched and allowed his children to be hurt. Pharaoh and the Egyptians hurt the Israelites. Satan buffeted Job, and Saul troubled David. Saul of Tarsus hurt the church, and the Roman Empire hurt Paul. God was present; at any time he could […]