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  • On Lament, Hope, and Divorce


    [Translate] On Lament, Hope, and Divorce By Wendy Alsup Lament and hope have become a theme in my life. I began to wrestle with the already, but not yet, nature of the kingdom of God in the aftermath of the destruction at Mars Hill back in 2007 and again in 2014. What happens when something […]

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  • Understanding Your Story – Part 1

    podcast one

    [Translate] Understanding Your Story – Part 1 By Tony Ingrassia via The Power of Purity Ministry The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 54 – Every person is the sum total of the accumulation of the “stories” of their life… or said another way… who you are today emerged from the “stories” of your past.  This […]

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  • 4 Ways to Determine Your Mission


    [Translate] 4 Ways to Determine Your Mission By Tricia Goyer While we have individual dreams and goals, couples should also have a mission and purpose for their marriage. For some couples it may be to minister in their local church, or open their home to needy children. Still others may be called to short-term mission trips. […]

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  • The Tragedy Of Accomplishment


    [Translate] The Tragedy Of Accomplishment By Chad Bird It was March 10, 2008, when Cindy found the emails. She remembers because it was her birthday. She was turning 33. Her husband would be working late, again, but he’d promised to make it home in time to take her out to dinner at her favorite Thai […]