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  • Tony’s Story


    [Translate] Tony’s Story By Power of Purity This is the amazing and powerful story – including the good, the bad, and the ugly – of Tony’s journey from sexual brokenness to sexual healing – from sexual bondage to sexual freedom. Through Tony’s unusual honesty and vulnerability, you’ll learn how sex came to represent for him, […]

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  • Sad Slaves


    [Translate] Sad Slaves By Mike Adams   Performance-based Christianity is a burden that will kill you. I’m more convinced of that today than I’ve ever been. It may not take you out physically (although in some instances it might), but it will kill your joy and turn you into a sad and heavy laden person. […]

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  • Theology in Sound Bites – 1

    Theology in Sound Bites - 1

    [Translate] Theology in Sound Bites – 1​  There is so much confusion in our Christian life, what it means to live it, what does it look like. If one studies it one will hear terms like Justification, Sanctification, Union With Christ, Eternal Security, God’s Will, Love, Grace, Law, Mercy and other terms. While in a […]