Sunday Collectives 8/24/15 – 8/30/15

Sunday Collectives 8/24/15 – 8/30/15   Koinonia House National Ministries – who we are by Manny Mill A Critical National Concern The need for biblical and whole-life discipleship among ex-prisoners is becoming increasingly acute. Prisons are overcrowded and new ones continue to be built as a means of “solution” to the increasing crime and recidivism […]

Power Of Purity

Power Of Purity By Power of Purity Perhaps there is no greater battle that a man must fight then the purity of his heart, his purity in his relationship with God and his relationship with others. If he is married then those other relationships begin first with his wife and then if he has children, […]

COPE and Forgiven Ministry

COPE and Forgiven Ministry   COPE is an international network of ministries providing fellowship, promoting excellence, sharing resources and encouraging unity among those called to criminal justice/restorative justice/prison ministry.   COPE’s purpose – to equip you for YOUR purpose. Founded on a vision to build an army of ministries coming out of prison, COPE is […]