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    [Translate] The World Stopped By Reeces Rainbow I couldn’t breathe when I saw her.  I had been looking for her.  I knew she was coming, but when she came walking into my aisle I stopped breathing.  The world stopped.  Nothing else mattered but her. And me. And the distance it took for me to kneel […]

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    [Translate] About – Reece’s Rainbow Our Mission Statement: The mission of Reece’s Rainbow is to advocate and find families for orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs by raising funds for adoption grants and promoting awareness through an online community, media communications, and other events. Greetings and welcome!  My name is Andrea Roberts.  I am […]

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    [Translate] Missionary Heart By Bibles for China My September Bibles for China mission trip fulfilled more than expectations could have imagined. Even though you may bring a long history of mission activity, God’s Spirit and joy will occupy any unfilled vessel as long as you are open and serving. Visiting with Chinese Christians in their […]