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  • Kick the enemy’s tail!


    [Translate] Kick the enemy’s tail! By Lisa Buffaloe The enemy has been messing with me, with so many of my friends, and probably with you. Let’s kick the enemy’s tail! Let’s take back the ground the enemy has gained. The Israelites were given the Promised Land but they had to conquer their enemies. God helped […]

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  • What will we do?

    [Translate] What will we do? By Mike Messerli Panic. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? That sudden sense that everything is out of control… …that the world and the problems you face are overwhelming, too big, too much! You may have actually said it at one time, “What will I do?!” It was a question one […]

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    [Translate] The Stories The stories we often forget ourselves that reveal and show the impact that World Prayr as a ministry has had. World Prayr’s tagline has always been “Reconnecting a Broken World,” and we believe these short testimonies speak to just that.  Over the next few weeks, we will try to share some of […]