WHAT IS TRUE FREEDOM?  By Elsie Ruiz “Worldly freedom comes through what one can do on one’s own. God’s freedom comes through becoming dependent on the one who created the world so that all could be FREE to live as designed” These words were so impacting to one of our Servant Leaders one day that she reached […]

The Two Most Beautiful Prayers in the Bible

Dora Perry, @seedplanter examines the inspiring messages of  the two most beautiful prayers in the Bible.  She exhorts us to walk in love and grace by living the instructions in the prayers of Jesus. Following His teachings will strengthen us and help us become “the salt of the earth, and show the world what the true Light looks like.” The Two Most Beautiful […]

Being Radical

Mark Luker @sumpterSam is one of our pure servants on the Worldprayr team. There are those who do so much for so many with no face time or public awareness. Mark is such a man.  The American Revolution,  the Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, the moon landing……..What these people and […]