Yes! We Can!

Yes! We Can! Another bombing, another war, more riots, complete chaos reins around us. There appears to be nothing short of utter madness in this world. However, is there something happening that we cannot see? Is there something that is placing us in even greater peril? Today we ponder those questions. Press play button below […]

“Catch the Wind”

“Catch the Wind” By Christie Lambert These are strange days. Do you feel it? Do you feel the uncertainty of this season, the cacophony of voices constantly clashing around us? Do you feel the opinions flying fast and furious, fear tightening its grip, discord having its day? But deeper than all of that – beneath the […]

What is Grace ~ Audio

What is Grace ~ Audio God has many qualities and gifts, but of all His qualities none express His character or does He have a better gift than His grace. All grace originates with God. Grace can be classified into two main categories. These categories are often classified as common grace and special or what we might […]

Believing to See

Believing to See by Lisa Buffaloe God’s glory is often obvious, such as the flashes of lightning illuminating the sky or the thunder as it rumbles. Other times glory is found in unusual places — a flower peeking through the crack on a city sidewalk or a smile from a stranger. Sometimes glory is even […]