The Power Of Words

Words leave such an impact on the lives of people. Becca Ross @EpitomeOfSass reminds us to keep a positive attitude. Positive thoughts result in positive actions and in all situations we should learn how to be humble and choose our words wisely.     Please take the time to follow Becca on twitter and read some […]

Are You A Party Animal?

As believers, we are directed by God “to preach the gospel; cast out demons; and heal the sick.” Chris Bennett @ cgbrofmi calls out those Christians who forget or ignore what God has commissioned them to be in Him. Instead they are more party-hearty “ear ticklers,” rather than true believers. Are You A Party Animal? […]

We Are Carrying His Message

The Good News of God’s glory is astoundingly magnificent. Christi Stapleton @ChristiS celebrates the fact that as His messengers, we do not need adornment to distract from His greatness. We Are Carrying His Message If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned […]