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  • Constantly redeeming


    [Translate] Constantly redeeming By Shasta Monet His Timing My Daughter, My plan for your life does not have an expiration date, but it does unfold in My perfect timing. If you move ahead of Me, you will feel lost. If you stay behind, you will feel left out. But if you stay close to Me, […]

  • Encouragement


    [Translate] ONE BODY, TWO CONTINENTS By Pioneers Brahim* arrived at our church visibly exhausted from trying to find help for his family. He saw “Jesus is the Light” written in Arabic on the wall of the church and said to himself, I have been searching for this light! A local believer accompanied him to the […]

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  • Generous Grace


    [Translate] Generous Grace By Lynne Raatz 2 Corinthians 8:9 “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ…” When you are wronged, offended, hurt, or inconvenienced what is your first reaction? Is it to get even, make the injustice be noticed, or are you able to extend grace to the one who offended you? […]

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  • He Said Yes!


    [Translate] He Said Yes! By Lynn Cowell Yesterday we talked about the simple door opener for sharing Christ: “How can I pray for you?” I wrote that post last Wednesday when my family was in the middle of having some repairs made in our back yard. As the workers sweated away in the back yard, […]