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  • So what if I’m outstanding in my field?


    [Translate] So what if I’m outstanding in my field? By Dave McCarty So what if I’m admired by thousands, or millions?  So what if I’m envied by all humans everywhere?  Domatter.  “All labor and all achievement spring from man’s envy of his neighbor.” Eccl 4:4  Human worthiness is meaningless.  Domatter.  The only worthiness that matters […]

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  • On Lament, Hope, and Divorce


    [Translate] On Lament, Hope, and Divorce By Wendy Alsup Lament and hope have become a theme in my life. I began to wrestle with the already, but not yet, nature of the kingdom of God in the aftermath of the destruction at Mars Hill back in 2007 and again in 2014. What happens when something […]

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  • An Addiction To Holiness


    [Translate] An Addiction To Holiness  with Pastor Pat Is that possible? Addictions are bad things are they not? How can one have a bad addiction to Holiness? Great questions and questions definitely deserving of an answer! Today we look at how one might in a negative way be addicted to holiness. *Press button below to […]

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  • Introduction

    [Translate] Introduction By Power of Purity This session is the introduction to The Power of Purity Conference. Is it really possible to be a person of sexual purity in this day and age? Is it really possible to honor God with the expression of your sexual gift? Discover the surprising answer to these questions, and […]