Tribal Rescue Training and Next Generation Rescue Strategies

Tribal Rescue Training and Next Generation Rescue Strategies

By Tribal Rescue Ministries 


IMG_5395For six years, Craig and LaDonna Smith led the highly effective Native youth ministry called On Eagles’ Wings (OEW).  Founded by fellow evangelist, Ron Hutchcraft, the Smith’s and Hutchcraft’s worked together to help develop next generation evangelists who made incredible advances for the gospel across Native North America. 

From their experience with OEW, an encouraging number of these Native youth have gone on to pursue Christian higher education, preparing to respond to the newly discovered call of God on their lives!

These Native youth grew not only as evangelists but leaders for OEW.  The Smith’s knew they could turn their leadership roles over to them with great confidence.  DSC02284With OEW’s blessing, the Smiths left to start Tribal Rescue Ministries to help equip more of God’s people through local churches with this same effective training.

Tribal Rescue Training involves equipping of everyday believers in relevant rescue training.  It’s a fast paced, several day event that utilizes the same rescue training used to equip the highly successful On Eagles’ Wings Native youth ministry teams.  Attendees discover what “tribes” they belong to, how to overcome fears of sharing their faith with others, and how to turn everyday conversations into spiritual rescue opportunities.  

Most Christians have never once shared their faith with another person, even though many are looking for answers to the challenges of their lives.  There’s a want to, but often what is lacking is thehow to.  Relevant rescue training equips God’s people to help others find the hope they’ve found through a personal Grand Prairie Night 2 327relationship with Jesus Christ.  

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Next Generation Rescue Strategies is an exciting opportunity to equip the next generation of spiritual rescuers in any culture with relevant rescue training.  Over half of the world’s population is under the age of 25, and most people come to faith in Christ before they reach the age of adulthood.  

This is the first time since the first century where there’s a universal singular culture and it’s a youth culture. The world’s youth speak the same language, listen to the same music, and are drawn relationally together through the ever growing social networking presence of the internet.  That reality has great potential for spreading the gospel and it’s important to utilize successful strategies that have proven track records among youth.  One such model is the Native American and First Nations On Eagles’ Wings strategy.

The Smith’s are excited to bring this strategy to other ethnicities to help them reach their peers with the gospel.  Where possible, the Smiths bring with them some of these amazing Native youth evangelists who help the Smiths train and model this next generation rescue strategy by doing outreach events together with your youth.

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is a ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Craig Smith is licensed as an Alliance official worker, serving as a C&MA National Evangelist. LaDonna has served faithfully along Craig’s side in music, teaching and equipping many next generation rescuers for over thirty-four years.

As a part of The Alliance, Tribal Rescue Ministries operates under the Statement of Faith of The C&MA. You can learn more about The Alliance by visiting


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