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  • Purpose is More than Our Title

    [Translate]  by Lon Alderman People often mistake their work title as an expression of their purpose. This causes significant difficulties when their titles change, and titles change far more regularly in this age than they did in the past.  If one defines his purpose around a particular title, it can be very confusing when he no […]

  • Barry Werner
  • Bible Distribution in Rural China


    For over five decades the Chinese government collected and destroyed Bibles in mainland China. They were very good at their job and virtually every Bible was removed from the nation. In America we talk about the damage it has caused to take prayer out of our public schools, can you even imagine the effect on a nation of 1.3 billion people when the Word of God is completely removed from the hands of the people in the entire nation. To Chinese Christians the Bible is a very precious commodity.

    It is estimated that there are over 100 Million Christians in China. It is also estimated that nearly 30,000 people come to Christ every day with 70% of the new converts coming in the rural areas of China. In a decade China could be the largest Christian nation in the world. If the largest Christian nation in the world does not have the Word of God, Christianity worldwide runs the risk of becoming a mile wide but with their knowledge of God only one inch deep.

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  • Catching Us Being Good

    [Translate] Please take the time to follow Lon on twitter https://twitter.com/leaderlifter and check out his website http://www.acornministries.com Catching Us Being Good We all have a basic understanding that God is “all-knowing”, but do we really think about what that means?  Certainly God doesn’t pay attention to every detail, does He?  Surely God overlooks my momentary lapses […]