Victims of War Project

Victims of War Project



Offering love and relief for victims of war from Syria and Iraq.

Victims of the fighting in Iraq and Syria are fleeing violence and destruction, leaving behind their lives, friends and possessions. Over 4 million have left Syria. Migrants desperately cross the Mediterranean from North Africa in hopes of reaching Italy or Spain (see the UN’s report here). Others are smuggled into Europe through Turkey and Greece (see that UN report here). Everyone is struggling to cope with the millions who have been displaced by war.

Many of these victims have experienced severe trauma, whether through violence, extreme conditions, high stress, and loss of friends and family. Pioneers is committed to engaging the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of victims of war. We have developed a fourfold project that meets these needs. This project consists of 4 main components:

1) Women & Children’s Trauma Counseling – A Pioneers team created a safe place where women and children can express themselves, receive counseling for the trauma they endured, and find hope.

2) Children’s Sports Program – Pioneers has also developed a sports ministry where children can go to escape the pressures of daily refugee life and simply “be kids.”

3) Arabic Media Outreach Through tailored media content from our Arabic-language outreach website, we offer messages of hope and Jesus’ love to victims of war in the Arab world.

4) Developing Refugee Ministries Pioneers has teams in strategic areas like Greece, Turkey and Hungary that will create projects to meet specific refugee needs.

Your partnership can help meet the real needs of real families whose lives have been ravaged by war and violence.

Victims of War Project

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Will you partner with PIONEERS to meet the needs of thousands of victims of war throughout the Middle East and Europe? 



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For more than 35 years, Pioneers passion has been to see God glorified among those who are physically and spiritually isolated from the gospel of Jesus Christ—from Muslim bedouins in the deserts of North Africa and animist villagers in the jungles of South America to secular humanists in Eastern Europe and middle-class Buddhist urbanites in the sprawling cities of East Asia.

We invite you to explore, to read stories of what God is doing among the unreached, to engage in the powerful enterprise of intercession, to discover opportunities for engagement that you may have never imagined.

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