Fire or Fireplace?

Please take the time and follow Michael on twitter and read some more of his amazing post on his website titled “Soul Supply” Fire or Fireplace? A ruined hearth of heat-tortured bricks wound around an open fireplace. Visible in its position and conspicuous in its purpose, it was a silent sentinel to warmth […]

Extreme Days!

When we look around and see all the hate, anger and despair of this world, we can see that we are in extreme days. Katherine Russell @Onassignment encourages to keep our focus and never give up. Through these extreme days, we shall keep God’s commandments. Please take the time to follow Katherine on twitter […]

The Lost Soul….

At times we become so caught in ourselves and our circumstances, we lose our focus in life and most important….our focus on God. Becca Ross @EpitomeOfSass reminds us that without God in our lives we will be powerless and lost. Even though you may be lost, it’s never to late to turn to God. Please […]