Why evil exists

Why evil exists

By Bill Afthim

Why God allows evil & how we should respond – Remember, this is only the training & testing time.
God allows evil because He wants us to have free will – He wants a people who choose Him when they can choose otherwise, not pre-programmed robots.Ultimately, our reality will be without evil, surrounded by only people who also chose Jesus, & chose to surrender to His will.

But for now, don’t ignore the evil – put it at God’s feet in prayer, use your free will to invite Him to intervene, & focus on the good.

The god of this age would love for you to focus on the evil, not only to distract you from the things God wants you to think about & do, but to feed a spirit of negativity; to depress you, cause you to be harshly critical, to cause you to repay evil for evil.

Almighty God wants you to respond to evil with love, grace & mercy, even as He responds to you. Forgive, bless, pray for those who do evil, as well as the victims.

When Satan brings up something you’ve given to Jesus, say “Not my concern anymore. I gave that to Jesus. If you want to talk about that – go talk to Jesus.”

Also, I’ve encouraged people to read Philippians 4:4-9 because it helps us to accentuate the positive. (Now I would extend that through verse 13 – a verse that makes a different point in content than it is often used for.) http://ref.ly/Philippians4.4-13;ESV

Be blessed, know you are; bless God, & be a blessing!


Bill Afthim

Longtime faithful and dedicated leader of World Prayr. A cancer survivor by God’s grace, married to Ruby and lives in Santa Clarita, California

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